It’s Come To This…

addictHello, my name is EJ and I’m a addict.

Tonight my dealer has left me high and dry…

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9 Responses to It’s Come To This…

  1. patachilles says:

    I, uh – I can stop posting any time I want to, really . . . .

  2. I didn’t realize you were born in 1925, EJ.

  3. Jason Rudert says:

    Well, do you have any Sterling Hayden?
    Have you ever seen Crime Wave?

  4. Eric Wallace says:

    The Ricochet chat room is open!

    The alternative method is through GeekShedIRC at this link:

    You’ll recognize the window. Login, X out of the chat room it auto-dumps you into, and then type “/join #ricochet”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any day now…

  6. patachilles says:

    Cool revamped logo on the holding pattern page. Sigh.

  7. Jim Chase says:

    They killed the beta site too. Like solitary confinement, yet not.

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